On July 15, 2019, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, Maximizing Use of American-Made Goods, Products, and Materials, to further promote the principles underlying the Buy American Act of 1933. In remarks to the press, the president stated that “Early in my presidency, I ordered the federal government to live by two

Key Notes:

  • President Trump’s recent executive order merely “encourages” use of goods, products and materials produced in the United States, rather than requires such use.
  • Financial assistance programs are targeted.
  • Each agency administering covered programs is required to respond to the president by May 31, 2019 on areas where Buy American principles can be maximized.

On April 18, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order seeking stricter enforcement of federal procurement policies and revamping the H-1B guest-worker visa program. In remarks on signing the order, Trump stated, “With this action, we are sending a powerful signal to the world: We’re going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally